Taking time to learn how your mind works in meditation brings calm and ease into your life, though perhaps not immediately. If you make a commitment to develop a meditation practice, over time you will notice changes in how you respond to challenging people and situations. Anytime is a good time to start developing a friendship with yourself, since your mind isn’t going anywhere. It will always be with you, until your very last breath.

Becoming friends with someone takes time and it’s the same with getting to know yourself.  You may feel as though you already know yourself, and, of course, you do, but your relationship with yourself may be limited by many things: your upbringing, your habits, the way you talk to yourself, and the kind of closeness to yourself you are used to.

You are invited to undertake a way of meditation that, over time, allows you to get to know your mind in all its sweetness, messiness, confusion, and mystery.

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