Here’s a poem that I wrote a long time ago that still resonates with me.  How about you?


All We Like Sheep 


The sheep are sitting in the next pasture

Clumped together in the grass

That thick, rich carpet they eat for breakfast

I see them sitting in a loose circle

Chewing greenness


By the fence, a ewe stands apart

I approach her slowly

She holds her ground.

We face each other, the fence between.

Her coat, an ancient ivory

Flecked with gray, curls tightly wound


Our eyes meet

Hers slitted onyx, mine round,

We gaze at one another

Eyes unlocking

The ewe, me

The fence.


And then, no fence.

Who is staring here at whom

Which is me, which is ewe


A sudden gust of wind, I blink and

She blinks too, and dances off

I turn and come inside to this room where


We sit clumped together

Mute, chewing our thoughts.

Forming out own loose circle on the gray carpet

Flecked with ivory, woven tight

Of fine English wool


Gaia House




(Originally published in Inquiring Mind Vol. 12/1 Fall 1995)


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