In the wash

Join me in walking in the wash at Ghost Ranch in Abuquiu, New Mexico, where I was on a meditation retreat last August with Linda Modaro.

Georgia O’Keeffe made the colorful mesaland of Ghost Ranch famous in her many paintings of the multicolored cliffs, the juniper skeletons, and the deeply saturated blue clouds hovering over distant Mt. Perdinal.

As part of the silent retreat, Linda offered time in the schedule to pursue our own creativity.  Because the days were shortening, that hour and a half of time in the heat of the day, was the only free time we had to walk on the land unless we skipped a meditation period. On retreat, I seek out the container of the schedule to hold me in formal practice.

But walking is also an integral part of my daily practice, on retreat and off, and that is what I wanted to do with my free time. Since the temperatures that last week in August were still in the upper nineties, I searched out the only place that was cool—the wash that flowed down from the mesas, through the ranch, and into Lake Abiquiu.

I took my phone with me and started talking pictures.  Then I discovered  the video feature.

Come, let’s explore the wash together…


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