Contact Janet Keyes ( for information about this way of meditating, about joining the online meditation group, and/or about sharing and discussing your meditation journals. (See About for her bio.)

Other teachers and communities: 

There is a daily Zoom meditation using this Reflective Meditation approach . Contact Janet for the link to this online meeting. (

There are many other online groups where people meet regularly and share their meditation journals with a teacher and discuss the Dharma.  In addition, many teachers speak online with individual students about their meditation practice, their journals, and their questions about meditation.

For information about additional meditation groups, retreats, and online opportunities, please contact these teachers:

Linda Modaro:    Linda is the founding teacher of Sati Sangha. She conducts numerous online groups, and travels regularly to teach workshops and retreats. She enjoys working in-depth with individual meditators, and offers mentorship to meditation teachers, encouraging a blending of the reflective meditation approach with other mindfulness, insight, and awareness practices.

Nelly Kaufer: (Portland, OR) Nelly is the founding teacher of Pine Street Sangha. Nelly teaches a Continuing Education Program for mental health professionals; see her website for upcoming events.

Bill Wellhouse: (San Diego, CA)  Bill leads an ongoing meditation group in San Diego, and welcomes individual students for journaling.